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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 26 pages.

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Book Review

Sam and his Dad

by Beth VanHouten

This brightly colored children’s book about a game of golf teaches lessons on honesty and hard work. In an adorable picture book centered on the game of golf, Robert Loran Floyd shares the life lessons of honesty and self-confidence.... Read More

Book Review

Looking Upward

by Peter Dabbene

Nature sings and sends children over the rainbow in this uplifting bedtime story. A rabbit riding a bicycle on top of a rainbow is the striking cover image designed for "Looking Upward", a children’s picture book by Olivia Charters,... Read More

Book Review

The Antorus Saga

by Melissa Wuske

The Antorus Saga: Prequel, by Mukhtar Farid, is a short sci-fi story with a conventional premise that needs more work before it can stand out in the crowded science-fiction market. The twenty-six-page, large-print format makes it unclear... Read More

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