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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 167 pages.

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Book Review

Patiently In Wait

by Holly Chase Williams

One of the best things about this poetry collection is the “chop wood carry water” stance of the poet who focuses on ordinary experiences objects and emotions eschewing elevated language and purple prose. She knows how to handle a... Read More

Book Review

Rebel Yell

by John R. Selig

America’s gay community extends far beyond the gay meccas of LA’s West Hollywood, New York’s West Village, and San Francisco’s Castro District to all sections of the U.S. Attention in the gay media and literature is focused on... Read More

Book Review

Step-by Step Garden Basics

by Dean Conners

Everyone who gardens knows it is a continuous learning process. Like all learning, it has to start somewhere. For beginning gardeners, this often means consulting many different books to glean basic information on all the various aspects... Read More

Book Review

The Common Cold Cure

by Patricia Voice

Who better to turn to for help fighting the common cold than a physician? A best-selling author, Sahelian (Creatine; Melatonin; DHEA; among other books) teams up with Toews, editor of Nutrition Alert newsletter and contributing columnist... Read More

Book Review

Bluebeard's Last Stand

Bluebeard’s Last Stand, an entertaining mystery novel, is the latest installment in the Gil Yates Private Investigator series by Los Angeles author Alistair Boyle. Gil Yates is an unlikely hero, a plant-collecting, 90’s dad who... Read More