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The Common Cold Cure

Natural Remedies For Colds & Flu

Who better to turn to for help fighting the common cold than a physician?

A best-selling author, Sahelian (Creatine; Melatonin; DHEA; among other books) teams up with Toews, editor of Nutrition Alert newsletter and contributing columnist for Better Nutrition and Let’s Live and author of two books of her own (Natural Therapies for Arthritis and The Green Tea Book) to bring forth a closer look at natural remedies for that most pervasive of ailments—the common cold.

This book examines the evidence of some of the foremost natural remedies popular today. While many have been employed by various cultures hundreds of years ago, those seeking modern scientific confirmation of their efficacy will find many of the increasing number of research studies available summarized here. From an initial explanation of the immune system in terms even non-medical persons can understand, the authors move to examining the most widely used remedies—Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc—with a chapter dedicated to each one for each. They then take a look at “the rest of the Herbal Medicine Chest,” taking a look at Astragalus, Elderberry, garlic and the like.

Also included are reminders of practical tips like the importance of handwashing, rest and cutting down on stress, as well as a chapter on “Natural Remedies for Specific Symptoms.” The authors conclude with a well-defined glossary and a comprehensive reference for those desiring further reading of cited studies. In addition to a survey of historic usage and an array of research results, both supportive and non-conclusive as well, Sahelian and Towes include details of the active ingredients thought to be responsible for a particular treatment’s efficiency and also outline much-appreciated cautions and safety concerns to provide a particular remedy’s benefits and possible drawbacks.

While self-treatment, natural or not, should always be approached with caution and hopefully a doctor’s approval, this is a tidy reference for those interested in natural cures of the common

Reviewed by Patricia Voice

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