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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 158 pages.

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Book Review

Unpuzzling Finance

by Angela McQuay

This book takes a topic that is confusing to most and lays it out in a way that is educational and user-friendly. "Unpuzzling Finance" by Zahoor Bargir is a concise and easy-to-relate-to guide for small business owners and entrepreneurs... Read More

Book Review

Summer Cocktails

by Rachel Jagareski

Leave it to Quirk Books to open a cocktail book with a recipe for preparing bacon. The playfulness continues throughout "Summer Cocktails" with scores of tempting drink recipes, remedies in the case of overindulgence (Antidotes), snacks... Read More

Book Review

The Cosmic Factor

by Anna Call

Humankind evolves into star-exploring superbeings in this utopian sci-fi epic. A group of psychics seeks a better path for humankind in "The Cosmic Factor", a utopian science fiction story by Norberto C. Pautassi. When college student... Read More

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