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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 149 pages.

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Book Review


by Leia Menlove

William F. Gavin has led an incredible writing life in and out of American politics: starting his illustrious career as speechwriter for President Richard Nixon and other political luminaries, Gavin went on to publish two well-received... Read More

Book Review

All My Dogs

by Barry Silverstein

It would be a mistake to dismiss "All My Dogs" by Bill Henderson as just another entry into the already inflated category of canine books, because this little memoir is masterful. The author reminisces about the numerous dogs he has... Read More

Book Review

Peggy's Wartime Memories

As more time passes between us and World War II, collective memories of the spirit and sacrifice of that time grow dimmer. For some individuals, however, such as author Enid “Peggy” Haag, life during the Second World War remains... Read More

Book Review

Summer Flowers Some Are Not

P.A. Kowalski’s novel Summer Flowers, Some Are Not is a quick read that revolves around the adventures of a group of friends and their family members. To say this novel is about any one thing would be false; it is full of everything... Read More

Book Review

Life's Ride or Fall...You Make the Call

“Every new horizon is cloaked in a mist of uncertainty” the author writes. “The only way to clear the mist and see the sharp edge of opportunity on the horizon is by using a roadmap—a plan of action.” In this well-organized and... Read More

Book Review

Come Out of Her, My People

That’s great it starts with an earthquake / birds and snakes an aeroplane / and Lenny Bruce is not afraid. —REM - It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) The mark of The Beast isn’t so abstract or farfetched to... Read More

Book Review

Silent Nights

by Heather Shaw

Kira is a teenaged vampire just graduated from high school. Her dad is a police officer. Her mom points out that there’s food in the fridge “unless you’ve already had um dinner.” Drake Viola Gregory and Isaiah are also vampires... Read More

Book Review

Henry David Thoreau

by E. James Lieberman

Is it legitimate to view an icon of a bygone era through the lens of modern psychiatry? In this case it is, because of what Thoreau revealed about himself and because the author avoids the pitfalls of pathography-facile diagnosis and... Read More

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