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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 149 pages.

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Book Review

Henry David Thoreau

by E. James Lieberman

Is it legitimate to view an icon of a bygone era through the lens of modern psychiatry? In this case it is, because of what Thoreau revealed about himself and because the author avoids the pitfalls of pathography-facile diagnosis and... Read More

Book Review

How to Turn Anger into Love

by Bobbye Middendorf

We live in an angry world. In a new approach to a misunderstood emotion, the authors focus on decoding anger’s messages and exploring the possibility that anger, mindfully used, can be a tool for growth into higher realms. Reshmi... Read More

Book Review

Rules for Visionary Leaders

“Run like Hell, Change Directions, and Run Like Hell.” That’s the secret of success for one CEO of a large company, who acknowledges that corporate goals and environmental opportunities change frequently and that savvy business... Read More

Book Review

A Corner in the Marais

by Britain Washburn

Contrary to the claims made by its subtitle and foreword, Karmel’s A Corner in the Marais is more an informal history of a Paris neighborhood than it is a memoir, per se. With the exception of the first chapter, which treats the... Read More