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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 117 pages.

Book Review

Rhombus and Oval

by Karen Rigby

Sequeira’s short stories braid graceful language with brilliant idiosyncrasies. Jessica Sequeira’s "Rhombus and Oval" enchants with short stories that examine mysteries. From pure wonderment to reflections on a virtual, automated... Read More

Book Review

Venus in the Afternoon

by Trina Carter

What if stories weren’t really stories but rooms into which you could peer like God “lookin’ in on his creation”? What would you see? That image unifies this fine collection of short fiction. Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter... Read More

Book Review


Often, to celebrate life, one must first feel it slip from one’s fingers. After all, to know what light is, one must know darkness. This is the arc of David J. Murray’s collection of poems, "Celebrations". Here, the speaker’s... Read More

Book Review

In Remembrance of You

In 1903, long before the paved network of broad interstate highways linked the Atlantic to the Pacific, Holley Gene Leffler’s grandfather, Eugene I. Hammond, and his friend Lester L. Whitman chugged across the USA in a Curved Dash... Read More

Book Review

9/11: Pentagon

by Lawrence Kane

This book contains a set of fifteen strategies designed to help leaders facing crisis. Written by Trina Hines a motivational speaker leadership coach retired US Army First Sergeant and former Pentagon leader it contains many elements... Read More

Book Review

Stop the Stress Habit

by Sarah White

If you change the way you think, you can change the way you feel. This is a common argument in self-improvement books these days, and one that forms the basis of Dr. Leslie Torburn’s Stop the Stress Habit: Change Your Perceptions and... Read More

Book Review

The Heart of an Engineer

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Merritt spends this volume on a search for God love and a suitable dance partner. Filled with limericks ballads and metrical poetry the volume chronicles Merritt’s life as an aerospace engineer dancer man with Parkinson’s disease and... Read More

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