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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 107 pages.

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Book Review

Journey to Enlightenment Revealed

Journey to Enlightenment: Revealed maps the territory between the individual’s desire to improve and the limitations imposed by relative poverty and outside authority. The crafted free verse is largely unrhymed covering themes from... Read More

Book Review

Rush to Judgment

The hero of Ron Albert’s Rush to Judgement, ex-Marine Sgt. -E5 Damian Jude (“DJ” to friends and enemies) is a hardboiled PI of the old school. He’d be right at home trading clues, chewing on bullets, boozing and bragging about... Read More

Book Review

Crossing 13

by Todd Mercer

Teenagers are more likely to listen to other teenagers when they are in need of guidance than they are to heed the words of grown-ups. Adults are out of touch since they were born umpteen years ago and they certainly can’t say the... Read More

Book Review

Past Becomes Present

by Lee Gooden

It is always a pleasure to read a writer’s debut novel and Rebecca T. Urrutia’s "Past Becomes Present" is no exception. A love story with a science-fiction slant "Past Becomes Present" is entertaining regardless of clichéd phrases... Read More

Book Review

Body and Field

Terry Blackhawk’s exquisite first book of poems is one of the reasons why poetry remains an important literary force in a world where so much language is reduced to sound-bites, voice-overs and the collapsed linguistic short-hand of ad... Read More