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Bonyo Bonyo

The True Story of a Brave Boy from Kenya

Foreword Review — May / June 2010

Bonyo Bonyo has a dream: he wants to build a hospital in his Kenyan village to help children like his baby sister Akinyi, who died when she was very young. To build a hospital, Bonyo Bonyo knows he must go to school, and with the help of others and his own courage, he travels far to go to school. He even travels to Texas, where he attends university and medical school, and Ohio, where he continues training until he is ready to come back to Kenya and build a clinic. Each time he faces an obstacle—no money for school, or the need to cross a flooded and dangerous river—community people help him. This is a lovely and beautifully illustrated story of commitment and togetherness, or harrambee. All net profits from the book will be sent to Dr. Bonyo’s Mission. For ages four to ten.

Teresa Scollon