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Blue Mistaken for Sky

When a poem causes you a wince of discomfort, chances are that it’s the poet who let down her defenses and revealed a psychic wound. Such vulnerability is powerful. You feel for the poet, and such feelings are what make us best as humans. But don’t overdo it, poet, because that well of empathy can quickly run dry. In sharing the heartache of her divorce, Andrea Hollander does humanity a service. She is the author of four other collections of poetry and the recipient of many prestigious prizes.


My grandparents chewed
with their mouths open.
I knew better than to mention it.
My mother, who’d grown up
in that apartment,
would not have approved
and would have given me
one of her knowing looks.
Stripped of hope this time
that she’d ever leave the hospital,
I’d come to eat with them,
these two who that evening
knew themselves
only as her parents
but seemed more like children
learning for the first time
appropriate behavior
as they sat at the Formica table,
paper napkins on their laps,
the meat on their plates cut
into tiny digestible pieces.

Reviewed by Matt Sutherland

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