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Billion Dollar Sales Secrets

Superstar Selling Tips for All Seasons

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets is a career handbook that pairs valuable selling tips with encouragement to cultivate positive personal traits.

Joe Paranteau mines his years of experience and observation in Billion Dollar Sales Secrets, a sharp, insightful guide to successful sales relationships.

The book begins by describing Paranteau’s near-fatal flying accident––an interesting, empathetic anecdote that is used to illustrate the importance of human-to-human relationships in successful sales transactions. The work that follows stresses skills like friendliness, openness, and understanding as much as it stresses traditional techniques like making presentations and closing deals.

Beginning by focusing on individual salespeople, then broadening to include customers, sales managers, and the panoply of traits and techniques that make a successful sales career, the book suggests means of developing traits like positivity, resilience, and authenticity, as well as of seeing oneself as a fair, knowledgeable person who can get a client what they need. It illustrates the importance of developing a plan, doing the necessary research, being prepared for various scenarios, and studying human behavior to build solid customer relationships and trust.

At the book’s core are its chapters about developing next-level skills—those that make the difference between salespeople and super salespeople. They dive into techniques such as projecting confidence and competence, utilizing communication skills, mindful listening, and making killer presentations. Later, the book suggests means of expanding success by fostering alliances that benefit all involved; of continuing to learn; and of addressing the enviable problems brought about by achievement, like handling personal and financial success, generosity, and charitable giving.

Each of the book’s chapters either focuses on a specific aspect of sales or expands upon previous topics. They are clear and confidence building in their language, breaking selling savvy into a series of understandable skills and habits. Their information is summarized at their ends, and again at the end the book, making points easy to remember and return to. Short paragraphs, subheadings, and bulleted lists give the book a streamlined, efficient sensibility.

Rich in information, the book addresses all aspects of selling, from overcoming cold-call jitters to turning one-time successes into long-term opportunities. Its solutions to problems incorporate resources like trust and honesty, or using self-awareness to tackle roadblocks in the way. Its fine-tuned advice on issues like planning and delivering stand-out presentations, the eight components of a successful call, and getting the timing right on follow-up efforts draw on Paranteau’s years of experience well.

Billion Dollar Sales Secrets is a career handbook that pairs valuable selling tips with encouragement to cultivate positive personal traits like honesty, empathy, and enthusiasm.

Reviewed by Susan Waggoner

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