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American Entrepreneur

The Fascinating Stories of the People Who Defined Business in the United States

While many books on economics focus on dry numbers, American Entrepreneur takes a drastically different approach. Professors of history and economics respectively, Schweikart and Doti tell a lively and fascinating tale of the personalities and events behind American economics.

The intricate play between American politics, culture, and the economy becomes apparent as the authors recount the stories of entrepreneurs like Isaac Singer, Adolphus Busch, and Mary Kay Ash—men and women who successfully catered to the demands of the market and, in turn, irrevocably shaped the American people and culture.

The book begins with a lively illustration of the religious and historical foundations of the American entrepreneurial spirit, detailing the expansion of the early American colonies, the establishment of early banking systems, and the growth of commerce and travel. The birth and growth of large corporations, mass production, and unions are described, as well as the substantial communication and economic changes wrought by the telegram, telephone, radio, and television. The authors note the growth of retail and the rise of modern advertising as entrepreneurs continually adapted to the changing needs of consumers. The underlying causes of the Great Depression are also addressed, and Schweikart and Doti illuminate the historical trends that continue in this present, technology-driven economy.

The authors bring knowledge, experience, and passion to this unique book. Schweikart is a professor of history at the University of Dayton and has written and contributed to many books. Doti is an economics professor at Chapman University and is the editor of Essays in Economic and Business History.

Regardless of a reader’s background, American Entrepreneur provides readers with fresh insight into the past and a hopeful vision of the future.

Reviewed by Emily Adams

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