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All People Are Beautiful

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The bright picture book All People Are Beautiful celebrates the diverse beauty that exists across the world.

Vincent Kelly’s inviting picture book All People Are Beautiful shows that differences can make life fun and exciting.

The book invites its audience to imagine living in a world where everything is always the same. It depicts a bored, downcast figure against a dull, gray background to convey such a world, and contrasts that image with the idea of a bright, exciting world in which differences are appreciated. It is upbeat in affirming that, whether a person is big or small, short or tall, or light, dark, or in between, every person is beautiful.

Encouraging its audience to be imaginative and have fun, this vibrant text is filled with smiling faces and representations of people enjoying their time together despite their differences. Characters of different ages, national origins, and cultures are featured in the book’s bright, energetic illustrations. Here, how people treat each other is what matters; the book celebrates diversity, encourages acceptance, and argues that individual differences can be used to foster unity.

Phrases that show interpersonal respect, support, and encouragement are also shared, as are greetings in languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Swahili. Traditional items of clothing, and flags for the countries represented in the text, are also depicted; two hands-on activities are suggested at the book’s end.

At all points, this is a book that invites conversations. However, the text includes some incomplete sentences and awkward word choices that impede its delivery. Its usage of internal and end rhymes is more effective, resulting in irregular musicality.

The bright picture book All People Are Beautiful celebrates the diverse beauty that exists across the world.

Reviewed by Kristine Morris

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