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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 34 pages.

Book Review

Morning Puppa

by Michelle Anne Schingler

This rhyming story of a puppy whose teacup has gone missing, imperiling his morning ritual, follows along as he searches for clues—and instead finds everything else, and everyone else, missing, too! His tummy rumbles, and his worry... Read More

Book Review

All People Are Beautiful

by Kristine Morris

The bright picture book "All People Are Beautiful" celebrates the diverse beauty that exists across the world. Vincent Kelly’s inviting picture book "All People Are Beautiful" shows that differences can make life fun and exciting. The... Read More

Book Review

I'm Not Very Good at It

by Karen Rigby

Sincere in its depiction of growing past self-doubt, the picture book I’m Not Very Good At It encourages positive outlooks. In Darrel Gregory’s encouraging picture book I’m Not Very Good at It, a mother suggests a means for her... Read More

Book Review

Goodnight Exomoon

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

The beloved children’s classic Goodnight Moon gets a celestial remix in this astronomy-themed parody. Telescopes, scientists, and satellites fill the recognizable great green room, and the book’s rhythmic verses and alternating color... Read More

Book Review

Helium Heels

by Karen Rigby

"Helium Heels" is a farm-centered picture book that takes unusual risks. Ghostly pranksters bring a touch of danger in E. Dorinda Shelley’s eccentric picture book "Helium Heels". With folk art by Eleanor A. Hutton, this day at the farm... Read More

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