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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 34 pages.

Book Review

Helium Heels

by Karen Rigby

"Helium Heels" is a farm-centered picture book that takes unusual risks. Ghostly pranksters bring a touch of danger in E. Dorinda Shelley’s eccentric picture book "Helium Heels". With folk art by Eleanor A. Hutton, this day at the farm... Read More

Book Review


by Anita Lock

Family love and separation are the focus of Andy Gutman’s read-aloud picture book, "Even". Andy Gutman’s picture book "Even" is a warm story about a father’s expression of love for his young daughter. Early in the morning, a father... Read More

Book Review

Corky Tails

by Kelly Thunstrom

Through a young tailless dog named Sagebrush, children will see that even they can do their small part to protect Mother Nature. A variety of important human themes come together beautifully in Joni Franks’s Corky Tails: Tales of a... Read More

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