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A Journey Through Shifting Sands

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

“Brian had planned the divorce down to the last detail” the author writes. “He drained all of the bank accounts paying off his personal bills prior to asking for the divorce….Brian’s rage when he discovered I had taken funds and hired an attorney was beyond anything I had ever seen! He shouted and cursed and once again I saw the Devil in my living room.”

In A Journey Through Shifting Sands Miriam Kelly a registered nurse takes us on her personal journey from a peaceful happy youth into disillusionment fear and stress.

Miriam’s divorce from her husband was preceded by Brian’s deceptive and even criminal behavior. Once as she drove across a narrow bridge over a seventy-five-foot drop on her way to meet her husband a man in a truck attempted to throw a brick through her window: “Luckily it bounced off. I exited the bridge doing about 90mph” followed by the chasing truck. “The road was totally abandoned….As I came…back into civilization I was relieved to find a police car waiting at a red light…the truck turned quickly and disappeared.” Brian seemed surprised to see her and made light of the incident.

After their divorce life seemed to return to normal—until Miriam was struck by debilitating illness. Having been a nurse she was well connected to good doctors and possessed her own store of knowledge as well but the cause for her symptoms eluded them all. She suffered from periodic bouts of chills vomiting and diarrhea fainting increasing weakness a swollen right foot and leg and more. After many lab tests and visits to specialists the neurologist diagnosed the illness as syncope. The author declined the offered medication and told him “what he needed was to look at the patient and stop looking at the tests! If a leg is swollen blood pressure is low coordination is skewed and a brain has ‘white out’ clearly it is something more than syncope and depression.”

Eventually Miriam was diagnosed with Celiac disease complicated by a systemic Candida yeast infection and treatment began to bring relief. Ongoing treatment and education have brought hope and progress though at the time of writing Miriam’s battle for health still rages. The author also provides a list of references for those who may be suffering similarly.

This is Miriam’s true story with names changed for protection. Though it is written in the form of a journal it is gripping and full of tension like a well-written novel. Its truth is also disconcerting; to think that a criminal could control a county or doctors could be so blind warns against complacency toward life. Readers including the ill and the ill-married will enjoy A Journey Through Shifting Sands. It brings wisdom and insight while it entertains.

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