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After Elias

Eddy Boudel Tan’s debut novel "After Elias", whose climatic prologue is arresting, rides on a trajectory wherein every mystery solved begets a dozen more. Coen Caraway... Read More

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A sabbatical trip leads to unearthed family secrets in Farzana Doctor’s luminous novel, "Seven". Sharifa and Murtuza’s marriage has settled back into comfortable routines... Read More

Book Review


This is a romance, but it’s a romance about solitude and healing and making a home. It’s perfect timing when Arizona-born Molly Bannister learns that she’s inheriting... Read More

Book Review

After the Bloom

When "After the Bloom" opens, Rita Takemitsu is, once again, cruising the streets looking for her mother, Lily. But as time passes with no sign of Lily, a new urgency infuses... Read More

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