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Fire Angels

This is a heartbreaking and engrossing novelization of part of Chicago’s history. Elizabeth Kern’s "Fire Angels" is a novelization of the tragic 1958 fire that destroyed... Read More

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Jack of Shadows

The republication of "Jack of Shadows", by the late Roger Zelazny, is set on a planet half bathed in perpetual light and half shrouded in eternal dark. The sunlit hemisphere is... Read More

Book Review

One Man's War

The book evokes what it’s like to be in mud and blood under constant German gunfire, whether in thick misty woods or on open terrain like the Anzio beachhead. “Every soldier... Read More

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The book deftly illustrates both the valiant struggles and the tragedies of Metchnikoff’s life. Luba Vikhanski’s Immunity: How Elie Metchnikoff Changed the Course of Modern... Read More

Book Review

America 1844

Bicknell’s holistic analysis of 1844 America shows how much the nation has changed—and how much it hasn’t. After reading John Bicknell’s new history about the United... Read More

Book Review

Oddball Minnesota

Because of its many, many lakes and the outdoorsy attitude of its citizenry, Minnesota tends to attract hearty travelers who look forward to a vacation rife with fishing,... Read More