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Books Reviewed in Literary

Book Review

Red Plenty

Francis Spufford is a British writer with highly eccentric interests. In I May Be Some Time: Ice and the English Imagination, he produced a cultural history of ice, Eskimos, and... Read More

Book Review

No One

“When my father died, he had already been gone a long time,” says the narrator of Gwenaëlle Aubry’s latest novel. Translated from the French by Trista Selous, this slim... Read More

Book Review


In her first novel, Amelia Gray charts a man’s unraveling following the mysterious death of his wife. But such a simple description leaves out all the fantastic turns Gray has... Read More

Book Review


Breaking a mirror. Black cats passing in the road. Walking under a ladder. There are plenty of cultural indicators suggesting bad luck but perhaps none are more foreboding than... Read More

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