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Family Reunion

by Danielle Ballantyne

With an emphasis on the sanctity of family reunions in Black American families, "Family Reunion" is a sweet story about opening yourself up to new experiences—and finding unexpected delights. A young boy would rather stay home and play... Read More

Book Review


by Danielle Ballantyne

Utilizing black-and-white illustrations with bold shapes and sharp contrasts, "Pablo" is a sparse story about breaking out of your shell—literally. Pablo’s big day has arrived: he has grown too big for his shell, and he is now ready... Read More

Book Review

How It Works

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Prepare to blast off to the stars—and with the knowledge of the equipment necessary to get back to Earth—with this eye-catching board book that reveals the mechanics behind the magic of going into space. Cutout forms reveal the... Read More

Book Review

Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun

by Ho Lin

Packed with violence and mordant humor, Jeff Chon’s novel "Hashtag Good Guy with a Gun" is unsparing in delivering cutting commentary about contemporary America. When Scott, a disgraced former high school teacher, invades a pizza... Read More

Book Review

Among the Hedges

by Rebecca Hussey

In Sara Mesa’s warm, nuanced novel "Among the Hedges", a friendship blossoms, defying cultural expectations. Every day, a thirteen-year-old girl skips school, heads to the park, and spends time writing in her notebook, hidden by hedges... Read More

Book Review

The People We Choose

by Karen Rigby

Family, friendship, and love convene in "The People We Choose", Katelyn Detweiler’s sensitive novel about a teenager’s revelatory summer. Not long before she turns eighteen, Calliope starts dating Max, her new artistic neighbor;... Read More

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