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Book Review

Stories from Squirrel Hill

by Karen Rigby

This elegantly designed softcover gathers timeless tales set in an idyllic setting where roaming is possible. Paul Sleman Clark’s "Stories from Squirrel Hill" gathers six lighthearted adventures for chapter book readers, using charmed... Read More

Book Review

80 Poems

by Edith Wairimu

With its wide spectrum of topics and styles, "80 Poems" is an alternately thoughtful and playful collection. Roger Wayne Turkington’s transformative collection "80 Poems" offers wisdom within its musical verses. The book’s prevalent... Read More

Book Review


by Kristine Morris

"Hebrews" is an inviting and accessible study guide that facilitates meaningful and satisfying exploration of the New Testament book. Kathy Stewart’s biblical study guide "Hebrews" makes difficult doctrine easy to understand and calls... Read More

Book Review

The Other Hand

by Delia Stanley

"The Other Hand" is a captivating spiritual novel about faith and family. In Andrew Kane’s thoughtful novel "The Other Hand", traditional Judaism meets modern realities. Jonathan Bauman has been a Orthodox rabbi for decades, helping... Read More

Book Review

Karma Wears Versace

by Benjamin Welton

The excitement in this police procedural hinges on science and on the book’s great central character. Rod Palmer’s stylish and heavy-hitting detective thriller "Karma Wears Versace" features a tenacious detective who takes on a... Read More

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