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Book Review

The Feasting Virgin

by Claire Foster

Two women are drawn together through shared, sensuous experiences of Greek food and motherhood in Georgia Kolias’s "The Feasting Virgin", a sexy novel that evokes the turmoil and pleasure of domestic life. Xeni is thirty-eight, a... Read More

2019 GOLD Winner for LGBTQ+

Book Review

Clio Rising

by Monica Carter

Paula Martinac’s latest novel, "Clio Rising", is both a story of lesbian friendship and a literary mystery. Livvie Bliss—a young, out lesbian fresh from the North Carolina countryside—and Clio Hartt—a closeted lesbian known for... Read More

2018 SILVER Winner for LGBT

Book Review


by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

It is said that “the Huntress rides out when the sun is at its farthest and Winter has her jaws buried deep in the heart of the warm, green world,” but Rowan is skeptical about this—and everything else about village life. Her... Read More

Book Review

Paper Is White

by Mya Alexice

Hilary Zaid’s earnest and moving "Paper Is White" explores the intersection of lesbian and Jewish identity through its memorable characters, Ellen and Francine, as they try to get married in the 1990s. Their intriguing story is genuine... Read More

2017 Finalist for LGBT

2017 Finalist for LGBT

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