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Book Review

Slash and Burn

by Tanisha Rule

In Claudia Hernández’s complicated novel about war, longing, disappointment, and resilience, "Slash and Burn", story and style vie for supremacy. The story begins with the memory of a schoolgirl struggling through an exam on which the... Read More

Book Review

The Dark Library

by Meg Nola

Cyrille Martinez’s clever and incisive novel "The Dark Library" creates a surreal microuniverse of books, manuscripts, readers, librarians, and historians. In the Great Library, neglected works are becoming resentful and anguished.... Read More

Book Review

A Land Like You

by Sarah Richards

Tobie Nathan’s historical novel "A Land Like You" is a feast for the corporeal and spiritual senses. In twentieth-century Cairo, a newborn Jewish boy and an infant Muslim girl, along with their families, are thrust into an unusual and... Read More

Book Review

The Coral Bride

by Eileen Gonzalez

A woman’s drowning brings deadly and uncomfortable truths to the surface in Roxanne Bouchard’s "The Coral Bride". Angel, one of the only fisherwomen in the Gaspé Peninsula, goes missing just before her tenth wedding anniversary.... Read More

Book Review

The Immortals

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Makenzy Orcel’s "The Immortals", a grieving woman vents her feelings on death and loss. A Haitian sex worker cajoles her client, a writer, into recording the life of her protégé, who was killed in the 2010 earthquake. Despite the... Read More

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