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Book Review

Vodka Caliphate

by Joseph S. Pete

The fast-paced "Vodka Caliphate" is fun from beginning to end, and will appeal to anyone interested in geopolitics. Lee A. Sweetapple’s "Vodka Caliphate", the latest installment in the Jim Stillwater series, stands out as an action... Read More

Book Review

The Sea Beach Line

by Karen Rigby

A brilliant and profound tale of one young man’s search for identity, and the stories we tell ourselves. Brooklyn novelist Ben Nadler returns with a fabular coming-of-age novel that is both a love song to New York City and a Jewish... Read More

Book Review

If Jack Had

by Paige Van De Winkle

A violent, urban, first-person account of how an aged, cynical killer finds purpose, passion, and love in a harsh world. "If Jack Had" is a pulp-noir novel set apart by the cynicism and dry humor of the narrator, charismatic dialogue,... Read More

Book Review

One Shoe

by Jason Henninger

Hippies, criminals, con men, and cult leaders all want a piece of what Harry has discovered in Northern California gold country. Take a little northern California history, add a touch of Christopher Moore and a large dash of Elmore... Read More

Book Review

Bring Me the Head of Yorkie Goodman

by Anna Call

Alongside a portrayal of mobsters clinging desperately to their masculinity, Yates reveals the nonsense of violence and revenge. The assassins: two hit men from North Carolina. The target: a Hoosier farmer named Yorkie Goodman. The... Read More

Book Review

Black Ops: Zulu

by Scott Neuffer

Bozikas’s dark metaphoric language aptly captures Stiles’s descent from a respectable family man into a deadly secret agent. If James Bond had an MBA, an Australian accent, a guilt-ridden conscience, and a ruthless violent streak, he... Read More

Book Review

Take Fountain

by Karen Mulvahill

Hollywood’s strivers take a skewering in this noir-ish satire. Beneath the glib Hollywood-insider banter captured on a podcast interview lurks a dark, satirical tale of bad luck, betrayal, and murder in Adam Novak’s book, "Take... Read More

Book Review

Hard Bite

by Maria Siano

This tale of a man, his monkey, and revenge is a skillfully crafted story that is entertaining and fun. In "Hard Bite", written in a classic noir style, a car accident caused by a hit-and-run driver changes the life of Dean Drayhart, an... Read More

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