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Book Review

Ever Rest

by Jeff Fleischer

In 1994, Ashten Geddard, the front man of the popular UK band the Ashbirds, disappeared while attempting to climb Mount Everest. That’s how Roz Morris’s excellent novel "Ever Rest" begins—before jumping eighteen years into the... Read More

Book Review

Barcelona Dreaming

by Karen Rigby

Linked by incisive narrators and chance encounters, Rupert Thomson’s alluring novel "Barcelona Dreaming" braids three stories into a lush exploration of love and unmet longings. In “The Giant of Sarriá,” Amy, a British expat,... Read More

Book Review

Catch the Rabbit

by Kristen Rabe

In Lana Bastašić’s inventive, passionate novel "Catch the Rabbit", childhood friends reunite for a road trip from Bosnia to Vienna. Sara fled Bosnia to build a new life in Dublin with her boyfriend, Michael. Ensconced in an apartment... Read More

Book Review

A Theater for Dreamers

by Amanda Silberling

Polly Samson’s escapist novel "A Theater for Dreamers" is set in 1960 on the quaint Greek island of Hydra—a haven detached from the rest of Europe, where artists roam free and unencumbered. After eighteen-year-old Erica loses her... Read More

Book Review

Doubting Thomas

by Monica Carter

"Doubting Thomas" is a harrowing novel in which Thomas, a gay teacher, is falsely accused of inappropriate touching. Thomas is a fourth grade teacher at a prestigious private school. He is dedicated and well liked, and his teaching... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

A depressed journalist finds himself on a strange journey in Mohamed Kheir’s haunting novel "Slipping". Seif’s heart has not been in his job of late, so he is surprised to receive an important yet mysterious assignment: he must... Read More

Book Review

Friends and Dark Shapes

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Kavita Bedford’s novel "Friends and Dark Shapes", a bereaved woman struggles to determine her place in the world. After her father’s death, a woman moves into a borderline questionable Sydney neighborhood with three housemates.... Read More

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