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Book Review

The King of Taos

by Jeff Fleischer

In his novel "The King of Taos", Max Evans chronicles the lives of friends who wile away their days drinking in a local bar and thinking up ways to make a little money in their tourist-heavy New Mexico town. Set in the 1950s, Evans’s... Read More

Book Review

Grace for Grace

by Aimee Jodoin

Its stories united by themes of finding a home, "Grace for Grace" is poetic and avante garde. Steve De Jarnatt’s short story collection "Grace for Grace" pairs imaginative literary language with flawed characters in obscure situations.... Read More

Book Review

Dinner at 10:32

by Karen Rigby

"Dinner at 10:32" is a literary novel about inner turmoil, tender mercies, and all-too-human wavering. Set in San Francisco during the 1960s and early 1980s, Mahyar A. Amouzegar’s ruminative novel "Dinner at 10:32" is about tangled... Read More

Book Review

Outside the Lines

by Nancy Powell

In Ameera Patel’s novel "Outside the Lines", narcissism and addiction blur the lines of reality. Drug dealers kidnap Cathleen, but her distracted, middle-class family fails to notice her disappearance. Meanwhile, the family’s... Read More

Book Review

This Little Family

by Mari Carlson

Inès Bayard’s novel This Little Family, translated from French, is about the devastating aftermath of a rape. Raised in a loving household outside of Paris, Marie moves into the city as an adult. She works, dines out, and promenades... Read More

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