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Book Review

Nazis of Copley Square

by Meg Nola

In "Nazis of Copley Square", Charles R. Gallagher takes a searing look at the Christian Front, an American extremist group that weaponized Catholicism. The organization reached its height of popularity just before World War II. Much like... Read More

Book Review

Historical Accuracy

by Joseph S. Pete

The informative and passionate textual survey "Historical Accuracy" reviews the veracity of biblical accounts. Inquisitive and scholarly, Steve Campbell’s religious text "Historical Accuracy" is about the historical backgrounds of... Read More

Book Review

Two Pieces of Cloth

by Eileen Gonzalez

"Two Pieces of Cloth" is the loving biography of a couple who lived through the twentieth century’s darkest days. Joe Gold recalls how his parents relied on faith and good fortune to survive the Holocaust in the historical biography... Read More

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