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Book Review

Beyond the Threshold

by Jeremiah Rood

In Mark Ristau’s brilliant psychological novel "Beyond the Threshold", a man grapples with his untreated childhood traumas. After a summer camp experience left him marred, Ricky is sick of being picked on, and he’s tired of feeling... Read More

Book Review

Night-night, Body

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

Mesmerizing and sweet, the picture book "Night-night, Body" sends each body part off to sleep in rhyming and communal form. Ted Scheu’s bright and inviting picture book "Night-night, Body" depicts the bedtime routines of families... Read More

Book Review


by Jeana Jorgensen

Kirins: The Seer of Serone is a whimsical fantasy novel about the power of friendship and tradition. James Priest’s charming fantasy novel Kirins: The Seer of Serone depicts a resilient magical race grappling with the unforgiving world... Read More

Book Review

Finding Forget-Me-Nots

by Kristine Morris

In the engaging picture book "Finding Forget-Me-Nots", elephants learn the benefits of curiosity and mindfulness. In Wickie Rowland’s picture book "Finding Forget-Me-Nots", a small elephant learns the value of curiosity and mindfulness... Read More

Book Review

The Nodders

by Danielle Ballantyne

An ancient tree in the Beddy Bye Woods is home to the Nodders: small winged creatures who only wake up when children go to sleep. To encourage children to take their naps, the Nodders leave treats or toys in sleeping children’s... Read More

2019 GOLD Winner for Short Stories

2018 Finalist for Juvenile Nonfiction

2018 Finalist for Picture Books

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