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12 results for published: 2013-10-24

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2013 SILVER Winner for True Crime

2013 Finalist for Romance

2013 SILVER Winner for Family & Relationships

Book Review

Emmie and Roger

by Lynn Evarts

A radioactive romance is set in a meticulously detailed Cold War narrative. In Emmie and Roger: A Thermonuclear Romance, the title characters meet under difficult circumstances during the Cold War. The power of war to impact lives is... Read More

Book Review

Collision Course

by Lisa Bower

Gleason captures a time when courtship was full of sweet surprises. Like Grandma Moses, eighty-four-year-old Chuck Gleason found his talent later in life. Gleason uses his own marriage of six decades to shape his novel, "Collision... Read More

Book Review

Silver Summer

by Anita Lock

Intricately woven characters and plot keep the pages turning in this paranormal thriller. In his debut paranormal thriller, Stephen Fogle weaves an intricate plot about three people on three different missions. Walter Murphy, a hit man,... Read More

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