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Book Review

Mosaic Heart

by Kristine Morris

Conveying hope, the memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about facing fear and discovering one’s true self. Donna Mazzitelli’s memoir "Mosaic Heart" is about how facing cancer transformed her life. Mazzitelli was encouraged to undertake an art... Read More

Book Review

The Sky Worshipers

by Kristine Morris

"The Sky Worshipers" is an epic novel that pulls back the veil on the tumultuous life and times of Genghis Khan, the Mongol leader who was intent upon becoming the ruler of the world. In 1209 CE, at the celebration of her father’s... Read More

Book Review

They Will Be Coming for Us

by John M. Murray

In the eerie thriller "They Will Be Coming for Us", a new mother combats paranormal forces. In Kim Catanzarite’s thriller "They Will Be Coming for Us", an ancient secret forces a new mother to go to extremes in order to protect her... Read More

Book Review

Dragonflies at Night

by Delia Stanley

"Dragonflies at Night" is a novel about love so strong that it lasts, even after death. In Anne Marie Bennett’s romance novel "Dragonflies at Night", a lovestruck couple works through their emotional blocks and career challenges to... Read More

Book Review

Dissimilar Similitudes

by Rachel Jagareski

The erudite, illustrated essays of "Dissimilar Similitudes" concern art, history, religion, and culture in late medieval Europe—in particular, how devotional objects and images were viewed by worshippers. Some challenge traditional... Read More

Book Review

An Army of Lovers

by Eileen Gonzalez

Jamie Anderson’s cultural survey "An Army of Lovers" focuses on revolutionary women’s music and how it influenced others. Women’s music—music by, for, and about women—addresses topics from love and healing to racism and... Read More

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