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Book Review

The Talking Drum

by Eileen Gonzalez

Lisa Braxton’s historical novel "The Talking Drum" captures a vibrant immigrant community in its death throes. Petite Africa is in trouble. The city of Bellport plans to demolish this rundown, immigrant-majority neighborhood and build... Read More

Book Review

Female Husbands

by Eileen Gonzalez

Jen Manion’s "Female Husbands" explores the history of gender-nonconforming people who dared to be themselves. Female husbands first entered popular consciousness in eighteenth-century Great Britain. These individuals were assigned... Read More

2019 Finalist for Anthologies

2019 Finalist for Business & Economics

Book Review

A Moment in Time

by Karen Rigby

"A Moment in Time" is a melancholy romance in which lost love has long-lasting impacts. In Lyn Marill’s tragic romance "A Moment in Time", a retired actress faces heartbreak and a lifetime of regret. Micaela has just been diagnosed... Read More

2018 SILVER Winner for Travel

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