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Book Review

Swimming with Horses

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Oakland Ross’s "Swimming with Horses" is a multilayered adventure that is part mystery, part coming-of-age tale. The story vacillates between apartheid South Africa in 1962 and a small Ontario town a year later, when Hilary, a... Read More

Book Review

49 Buddhas

by John M. Murray

Blending elements of philosophy, religion, and the mystery genre to interesting effect, "49 Buddhas" is the start of a series to watch. Jim Ringel’s refreshing and complex murder mystery "49 Buddhas" borrows from Eastern philosophy and... Read More

2017 HONORABLE Mention for Health

2017 Finalist for Art

Foreword INDIE

Golden Kingdoms

Joanne Pillsbury (editor), Timothy Potts (editor), and Kim N. Richter (editor)
Getty Publications
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