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Book Review

Accidental Sisters

by Michele Sharpe

"Accidental Sisters" is a tender memoir about adoption and about love within families, both biological and not. In "Accidental Sisters", Katherine Linn Caire’s uplifting memoir about finding her sister in middle age, coincidence and... Read More

2021 HONORABLE Mention for Career

2021 Finalist for Regional

Book Review

Hosting with the Lazy Makoti

by Meg Nola

South African chef Mogau Seshoene’s cookbook Hosting with the Lazy Makoti: A Celebration of Food is a vibrant compilation of recipes. Seshoene has a notable social media presence, and she founded her Lazy Makoti culinary platform in... Read More

Book Review

Constellations of Eve

by Eileen Gonzalez

A grieving woman’s suicide launches an exploration into unexplored possibilities in Abbigail Nguyen Rosewood’s novel "Constellations of Eve". In this universe, the story of Eve, Liam, and Blue—mother, father, and son—does not end... Read More

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