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You Heal You

Inspirational & Miraculous Healing Stories of Modern Day Warriors

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

This inspirational work imparts hope that, despite obstacles, life can change for the better.

You Heal You: Inspirational & Miraculous Healing Stories of Modern Day Warriors is a thoughtful book about taking responsibility for one’s own life and particularly for one’s own health. Author Jane G. Doyle offers the story of her own healing journey, and discusses how she became empowered to heal herself when Western medicine did not offer a solution or even an explanation for her illness. She also includes stories from a variety of other people who have taken their own journeys to find health and happiness.

Doyle begins by sharing her story, starting with the years she suffered from chronic pain and illness. After the events of 9/11, she was compelled to embrace life. She traveled to Scotland several times, and for the first time felt some of her pain begin to ease.

She was led to focus more on healing through alternative methods as she continued her travels, meeting people who could teach her and help her on her path. Eventually she became a healer herself and began to teach others all that she had learned.

The fourth section of the book consists of seventeen uniquely compelling stories, each authored by someone who has overcome an obstacle, tragedy, or illness. These stories of bravery and strength are vastly different, ranging from a young man who decides to leave home and move to New Zealand by himself, to an older man who has struggled with alcoholism for years, to a mother facing the desperate sorrow of losing a child to suicide. Though raw and even painful, each of these stories shares a common thread: each person finds a way to cope, to take control of their own life, and to move forward.

The philosophy of You Heal You is recognizable, drawing on the notion that a person creates their own reality via understanding that things happen according to our expectations and beliefs. Doyle goes beyond that concept and focuses on personal empowerment, as well as the idea of a greater presence in the universe that can be called upon and relied upon for help. Though her personal beliefs reflect a Christian ideology, her worldview fits within many different religious and spiritual traditions, and asserts that miracles exist.

You Heal You is an inspirational exploration of life’s myriad challenges and of overcoming personal obstacles. Each honest story ends with the hope that things can improve, and that it is really possible to change one’s life for the better.

Reviewed by Catherine Thureson

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