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What Can I Give Him?

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To be released just in time for the Christmas holiday, this beautiful children’s book is based on a poem written by one of the great 19th century English poets, Christina Rossetti (1830-1894), under the original title of A Christmas Carol.

Gliori has created a truly heart-warming book that is sure to appeal to every member of the family, young and old alike. Along with the simple text, she adds extraordinary detailed illustrations. This story takes us into the lives of a modern-day girl, as well as a girl who witnesses the birth of Jesus, both characters wanting to give a gift to someone very special.

As the story unfolds, we as readers are gently reminded what this special holiday is really about. This book is sure to be a family favorite, as many hours will be spent simply browsing the delightful illustrations. Grandparents may find this to be especially endearing as herein lies the story of the special relationship of a grandparent.

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