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Was I Betrayed by Man?

Clarion Rating: 2 out of 5

Was I Betrayed by Man? is an evangelical book with an Apocryphal theme in which the author moves beyond accepted Christian theology to reexamine end-time prophecy. Simply put, Cook believes that a majority of Christians are misreading the wisdom of the early Apostles. “Matthew 22:40 is talking about the coming of the antichrist in the end times,” she writes. “People are working in the Lord’s fields; one person is taken and one is left. The one taken has been deceived. The one left keeps working for the Lord…I know we were taught the other way around.” In fact, the author suggests, “A lot of what is written in God’s Word was suppressed by the early churches and some present preachers and leaders.”

Cook is certainly familiar with the Bible, Old Testament and New, but she has little respect for many prominent ministers who preach on television or in rich mega-churches, and who are sometimes recognized as the face of the Christian church. In this book, her fourth, Cook urges believers toward an entirely new approach. She even brings UFOs into the mix, offering her theory that Satan’s minions, creatures who look like us, arrive on this earth via such conveyances. “The truth about these angels is long overdue. They are oppressors of all mankind,” she writes.

Cook notes that she was compelled by a vision to tell her story, but she also acknowledges, “I know most of you will not believe this word, but you must be told anyway.” She fears most the misunderstanding of Satan’s activities during end times, at which time the devil “will play the role of Christ” to bring about a “One World System” under his control. These thoughts are shared during the author’s deconstruction of Revelation, the New Testament’s most mystical book. That chapter is Cook’s most complex effort, filled with verse references interpreted in a fashion unfamiliar to most mainstream Christians. Those who hope to profit from her thoughts on Revelation may find the truth of Cook’s complex analysis only after multiple readings.

Was I Betrayed by Man? begins with a short introduction and then unfolds Cook’s hypothesis in ten chapters. The author quotes liberally from both the Old and New Testaments, using the King James Bible and the Living Bible. While her references reveal a deep familiarity with the text, she lists no other formal resource.

Knowledgeable readers will recognize that an eclectic selection of assorted Biblical verses can be assembled to support nearly any theological argument. Of course, since religion is a matter of faith, that understanding makes Cook’s vision neither more nor less true.

Cook’s effort is clearly written, troubled only by some errors in punctuation. To some, the book may seem overly long, primarily because the author’s passion leads her toward a measure of repetition. To others, Was I Betrayed by Man? could become a useful resource for spiritual growth.

Reviewed by Gary Presley

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