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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 394 pages.

Book Review

The Sword of Kaigen

by John M. Murray

Complex societies and an unique magic system make "The Sword of Kaigen" an engaging work of high fantasy. M. L. Wang’s fantastical story "The Sword of Kaigen" is compelling and rife with magic and heartbreak. The Matsuda clan have... Read More

Book Review

911 Call for Rapture

by Claire Foster

"911 Call for Rapture" is sexy, contemporary erotica about the love lives of the one percent. What happens when you mix fire and ice? You get either a five-alarm blaze or a pathetic puddle. Gloria E.’s erotic romance "911 Call for... Read More

Book Review

Tales of the Metric System

by Jeff Fleischer

This masterfully written book is a thoroughly engaging look at a society in transition. With "Tales of the Metric System", Imraan Coovadia uses an innovative structure and masterful writing to craft a portrait of life in South Africa... Read More

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