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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 394 pages.

Book Review

New Blue

by Benjamin Welton

"New Blue" is a realistic novel about the vicissitudes of a rookie policeman’s year. John D. Drake and Kevin C. Kozak’s picaresque novel "New Blue" concerns the rookie year of a police officer in a Florida beach town. The novel,... Read More

Book Review

Flights of Marigold

by John M. Murray

In Susan Forest’s "Flights of Marigold", sisters seek a prophesied relic in a land torn by war and dwindling magic. In this second series title, the Shangril empire endures cataclysmic change. The seven kingdoms fall to a single king... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

"Transference" is a fantastical futuristic novel of epic scale. A wrongly imprisoned man tries to rescue his family and topple the regime that convicted him in B.T. Keaton’s speculative novel "Transference". Barrabas has six days left... Read More

Book Review

The Sword of Kaigen

by John M. Murray

Complex societies and an unique magic system make "The Sword of Kaigen" an engaging work of high fantasy. M. L. Wang’s fantastical story "The Sword of Kaigen" is compelling and rife with magic and heartbreak. The Matsuda clan have... Read More

Book Review

911 Call for Rapture

by Claire Foster

"911 Call for Rapture" is sexy, contemporary erotica about the love lives of the one percent. What happens when you mix fire and ice? You get either a five-alarm blaze or a pathetic puddle. Gloria E.’s erotic romance "911 Call for... Read More

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