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To the Church of the West, Scattered Throughout the World

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

I’m not writing here to force a new version Christ on you O reader but if you know what’s good for you you will take the first chance at knowing Him that you can get.

So begins this modern epistle on how to have a personal relationship with God. Roberts creates the Christian Way of Life for the twenty-first century Christ-Seeker in America modeling Jesus Christ’s path. But his writing is very reminiscent of Apostle Paul’s and clearly equally as anointed. Roberts’ contemporary viewpoint is a profound down-to-earth practical approach that’s truly refreshing.

Unlike many religions that take a legalistic view of Christianity where “works” to do what is right gain proper standing with God Roberts’ cutting-edge proposal reflects the alternative. The foundation is that the believer’s job is simply to believe and leave the rest to God. This is simple in theory but humans tend to “do” rather than “be.” Roberts stresses a back to the basics approach of “believing and trusting.” Through many different perspectives and analogies he demonstrates both how to trust in God’s omnipotence and at the same time how to create intimacy with God.

One such perspective is for the husband in Christian marriages. Beginning where the apostle Paul says a husband’s love toward his wife should mirror God’s love for His church readers are then given the view (keep in mind the author is a married Christian man) that money allows men to buy things to show their wives they love them. Roberts writes What good are all the riches in the world to a wife when her husband’s heart is far from her… for husbands it is wiser to neglect worldly things to spend more time energy and attention on their wives directly. (… as God still does today for his church). Taking it one step further for the individual Roberts writes [i]A self-motivated man might object saying “But what about all I want to accomplish right now?”[/i]

Roberts takes on every conceivable issue and concern of today. Readers are presented with an encouraging Christian objectivity alternative ways of approaching daily problems and different paths towards intimacy with God. Roberts writes with the same fervor and reverence as authors like Philip Yancey and Joyce Meyer and for readers familiar with these authors he will be an exceptional additional option. For this reviewer Roberts’ book would be a great read immediately after reading Yancey’s Dissapointment with God.

To culminate this very well written gospel by a typical man of today offers Christian readers a spirited sensible approach to their walk of faith.

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