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Their Name Is Today

Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World

2014 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Family & Relationships (Adult Nonfiction)

Arnold’s respect for the needs of children is evident on every page, and his perspective gives those who work with children a renewed sense of purpose.

In Johann Christoph Arnold’s slim volume, Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World, each chapter is a gem for parents or anyone who works with children. Arnold tackles many of the child-rearing issues we face in today’s sometimes disconnected technological environment with grace, kindness, and an open heart, giving a new perspective on what children need the most.

Arnold has won many awards for his work on marriage, parenting, and other sociological issues, and this book makes it easy to see why his writings are so beloved. Here he takes on what he clearly feels are our most precious resources: children. As a father of eight children himself, he can speak with authority on the topic, and he also draws experts and others who work with children into various narratives to illustrate the point of each chapter. Some of the topics covered include the importance of play, the child as a consumer, and the best way to respond to working with “difficult” children. Each chapter offers down-to-earth wisdom.

“If we are truly committed to bringing up children as individuals—to raising young women and men who have strength to defy popular opinion—we need to believe in them. The children who ask the most questions are the farthest ahead.” This statement best sums up how Arnold approaches his topic; his respect and reverence for the children is clear on each page, giving those who spend a great deal of time with children a renewed sense of purpose. He provides a laser-like focus on exactly what adults need to be providing for children at all times.

Arnold does not shy away from the negatives in our current society that seem to plague children and turn them into something other than the curious, adjusted young people many of us hope they are. His solution for our more modern child-rearing issues is rather simple: respect and provide them ample opportunity to explore what is real, outside the confines of our technology-based environment; instead of soothing them with screens, let them play and explore the outdoors.

This book will resonate with educators, professionals who work with children, and parents who feel a bit weary when it comes to child rearing. This is the perfect gift for a favorite teacher or parent.

Reviewed by Lynn Evarts

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