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Book Review

Off The Well-Lit Path

by John M. Murray

With its focus on vengeance and other dark human tendencies, "Off The Well-Lit Path" is captivating. In M.S. Holm’s bleak thriller "Off The Well-Lit Path", a desperate father attempts to rescue his daughter. Bob Rugg and his daughter... Read More

Book Review

Look the Other Way

by Benjamin Welton

"Look the Other Way" is a moralistic screenplay about a common evil that packs a punch. In Michael Mohan Joshua and Patrick Foley’s "Look the Other Way", the horrors of domestic abuse and sexual assault are translated for the silver... Read More

Book Review

A Mermaid's Journal

by Rebecca Monterusso

A Mermaid’s Journal is a sweet middle-grade fantasy in which mermaids live among us. In Melissa G. Goodmon’s middle-grade fantasy, A Mermaid’s Journal, a young mermaid writes about friendship, love, and being true to yourself.... Read More

Book Review

Rhombus and Oval

by Karen Rigby

Sequeira’s short stories braid graceful language with brilliant idiosyncrasies. Jessica Sequeira’s "Rhombus and Oval" enchants with short stories that examine mysteries. From pure wonderment to reflections on a virtual, automated... Read More

Book Review

Most Perfect Things about People

by Karen Rigby

At the luminous center of this novel is a family that, however they are dispersed, finds a way to endure. Most Perfect Things About People is a naturalistic novel-in-portraits that explores violence in Southern Ontario. With remarkable... Read More

Book Review

Lessons Learned

by Allison Butler

Sherman accomplishes his task of entertaining and teaching at the same time, all while remaining humble, honest, and forthright. Heartfelt, intriguing, amusing, and at times truly unbelievable, Brian Scott Sherman’s autobiography,... Read More

Book Review

Non Semper Fidelis

by Thomas H. Brennan

With intriguing looks at military loyalty, "Non Semper Fidelis" takes a thoughtful look at American marines. Sam Foster’s "Non Semper Fidelis" skillfully examines the inner workings of a Marine Corps base, Quantico, during an uneasy... Read More

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