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Book Review

A Man with a Rake

by Matt Sutherland

We can convince ourselves that we know Midwestern soil, a stream bank, the stillness of a cedar fence post, but Ted Kooser shows otherwise in this collection of eighteen poems, his fifteenth collection. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner,... Read More

Book Review

Grounds for Divorce

by Michelle Anne Schingler

In Remy Maisel’s light, charming novel "Grounds for Divorce", an outmatched paralegal attempts to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict in an unusual way. Emily, a dedicated underachiever who’s just been fired from an unpaid... Read More

Book Review

Twelfth Winter

by Vivian Turnbull

Rich with historical details, "Twelfth Winter" is a coming-of-age novel in which a boy navigates two different worlds. In J. Arthur Moore’s historical novel "Twelfth Winter", a boy adapts to a new life while holding on to his heritage.... Read More

Book Review

Tink and Wendy

by Nancy Powell

In Kelly Ann Jacobson’s dark, contemporary retelling of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell’s unrequited love leads to bitter tragedy. Tink is a squatter at the abandoned Darling homestead. Peter Pan and Wendy are long dead, and Tink is a ghost... Read More

Book Review

The Salt Fields

by Karen Rigby

In Stacy D. Flood’s brooding historical novel "The Salt Fields", a Black man migrates from the South and journeys inward toward reconciliation. In 1947, Minister boards the Dawn Lightning to flee the Carolinas, where his ancestors were... Read More

Book Review

Unfamous Men

by Ho Lin

In Jeff Gomez’s "Unfamous Men", two friends toil as migrant field workers in California, dreaming of a better life. One is hulking, loyal, and simple; the other is ambitious, quick-tempered, and bitter. It’s an open re-envisioning of... Read More

Book Review

Off The Well-Lit Path

by John M. Murray

With its focus on vengeance and other dark human tendencies, "Off The Well-Lit Path" is captivating. In M.S. Holm’s bleak thriller "Off The Well-Lit Path", a desperate father attempts to rescue his daughter. Bob Rugg and his daughter... Read More

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