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The Tree House

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With a smile on her face, a polar bear approaches a house built in the tangled branches of a very large tree. Once there, she spots a brown bear coming to meet her. Together, they make themselves at home, reading books and having picnics. Suddenly, they hear a rumbling in the distance, getting louder and louder the closer it gets. Suddenly, a flock of flamingos appears over the horizon, followed by a rhino, two panda bears, an owl, and a peacock. Animals from all over the world come to the tree house. They while away the hours and the seasons swinging from branches. Soon, though, the other animals must leave. The two bears settle into their new home, spending their days watching clouds and catching snowflakes.

The most captivating aspect of this book is that there are no words, which opens the door for imagination and all kinds of wonderful interaction between parents and children as they create a story together. Or they can simply enjoy each page’s marvelous and truly distinct illustration.

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