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The Superyogi Scenario

With this fun book, both yogis and comic-book lovers will be inspired.

When the US is threatened by the forces of ignorance, who will step forward to defend us all? Superpowered yogis, that’s who! Deriving their powers from meditation, the mission of these new heroes is to lessen suffering for everybody … by kicking ass.

After a mysterious yoga practitioner crashes a passenger plane with nothing but her fists, disgraced FBI agent Kevin Kirby must assemble a team of heroes capable of facing the new threat. What he finds are practitioners of yoga so dedicated that they have begun to manifest their own superpowers. But can they harness their abilities in time to save the world from a terrifying attack?

Fans of comic books will revel in the many nods to their corner of pop culture. Not only does the superyogi team organizer bear the name of one of the most beloved creators in comics history, but the book celebrates the ethos behind the superhero sincerely, equating it with the Buddhist desire to end suffering for all humanity.

For the most part, The Superyogi Scenario focuses on Eric Adams, aka Diamond Mind, who functions as the teacher and spiritual guide for the team. Eric’s focus on redemption and empathy provides a much-needed balance to the team’s initial formulation as a strike force. He also borrows much from Professor X of The X-Men, having largely mental powers and originally using a wheelchair.

The story is extremely well developed, so much so that it seems nearly ready for the silver screen. Though philosophical ponderings do make up much of the book, they never slow the pace or detract from the action. In fact, giving the team a purpose higher than “truth, justice, and the American way” is one of the smartest things the book does for itself. Expect conflict with the team’s backers in the American government in future installations.

Entertaining, engaging, and thought provoking, The Superyogi Scenario has something for everyone. Practitioners of yoga will find themselves looking up comics; comic-books fans will be inspired to book a yoga session. Everyone will look for the next installment in this series.

Reviewed by Anna Call

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