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The Power to Continue

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The Power to Continue is an encouraging book for struggling Christians.

Danisa Siziba’s inspiring The Power to Continue aims to help Christians deal with their difficulties.

Here, the problems that believers face—like the deaths of loved ones, educational challenges, and sinfulness—are regarded as launchpads for growing in faith. The book’s central idea is of the “wilderness experience,” a term used to describe challenging times. It draws inspiration from biblical heroes like Elijah and Paul and taps into biblical stories, theological ideas, and scriptural commentary.

Conservative and evangelical in tone, the book regards sin as the explanation for flawed human conditions. It works toward a familiar call to define one’s vision, maintain a proper attitude, and keep focus on God. The text doesn’t deviate from typical interpretations of scriptural passages; not much here will surprise Christians who are already committed to their paths.

As a counter to prosperity gospel ideas, the book argues that the Bible expects believers to face troubles, and it explains and connects real troubles to biblical teachings. Its vision of Christianity balances rewards with reality, and its picture of following God is realistically complicated.

From this perspective, meaning can be made from suffering, and faith provides forward movement. The book’s approach allows for God to be active in both the good and bad in life, and for people to be more human and complete. Its readings or related biblical teachings are clear, particularly as related to David’s struggles.

The book’s style is direct and open, with a second person narration used to connect to believers. It supports its promises with well-known scriptural excerpts, particularly focusing on the letters of Paul and the psalms (Psalm 23, for example, is drawn upon to argue that people need God’s guidance, something that the psalm itself states clearly enough). Logic combines with biblical quotations in the book’s quest to explain the trials of Christian life, suffering, hope, and commitment. The ground it treads is familiar, and there are no fresh twists.

Organized into chapters based on traditional Christian themes, including hope, biblical knowledge, and the proper Christian attitude, the book moves from troubles to faithful service. It is somewhat dismissive of people’s challenges, though, simply insisting that looking backwards is counterproductive. Its material is generic, keeping problems and solutions at an arm’s length; the book suggests that hope is essential, but doesn’t expand on the notion with any specificity.

Ending with a traditional call to follow Jesus, The Power to Continue is an encouraging book for struggling Christians.

Reviewed by Jeremiah Rood

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