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The Intuitive in You

How to Control Your Energy Field, Heal with Energy, Work with Angels, and More

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

The Intuitive in You is a brief, comprehensive guide to energy work.

Beyond the first five senses is the sixth sense, commonly known as intuition, which is said to create new dimensions of potential for people who know how to tap into it. Connecting psychic abilities to physical benefits, Christopher Alexander Burford’s The Intuitive in You is a practical New Age guide to using the mind to channel healing, positive energy.

Although the spiritual world may seem esoteric and unapproachable, Burford breaks down various aspects of meditation, spiritual practice, chakras, physical manifestations, healing, and intuitive readings in a welcoming way.

Each chapter discusses a different practice, from talking with angels to astral projection. Burford is an experienced teacher and intuitive, and he provides building blocks for developing a spiritual practice that is both functional and accessible. The book draws clear links between, for example, types of auras and physical manifestations, explaining how each augments the function of the other. Better aura health means better body health, with a little help from the psychically attuned mind.

The Intuitive in You is aimed primarily at therapists, energy workers, and psychics. It is written in easy-to-understand, everyday language. The book’s simple structure and straightforward delivery conveys spiritual concepts in a visual way. Step-by-step exercises for meditation, healing, and visualization are included throughout.

Although the book is designed around Burford’s lectures and presentations, it provides enough information for a self-taught practitioner to follow along at home. Beginning with clear, well-mapped diagrams of the chakras, energy beams, and spiraling energy cones, The Intuitive in You is a brief, comprehensive guide to energy work.

In addition to a wealth of practical information, Burford provides anecdotes that demonstrate spiritual principles of respect and balance. For example, the “energy egg” that surrounds the practitioner’s body must be controlled and used only for the highest good. Burford says, “Any attack is incorrect, even one that sends love to someone, as gentleness and love can be used to manipulate and hurt as much as anger and hatred [can be].” Other stories describe Burford’s experiences of different spiritual manifestations, such as healing clients, levitating, and defending himself energetically. These accounts are delivered credibly.

The Intuitive in You claims that all people are born with an innate ability to contact angels, heal others, and sense activity in the spiritual dimension. The book’s goal is to reconnect practitioners to their original gifts; it is a helpful guide to making necessary changes, one step at a time.

Reviewed by Claire Foster

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