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Book Review


by Delia Stanley

"Buddies" is a heartbreaking story about friendships forged in dark places and the psychological toll of war. Kip Cassino’s dramatic thriller "Buddies" follows fugitives from a society that they almost died to protect. Captain and... Read More

Book Review

Scattered Clouds

by Matt Sutherland

By avoiding cumbersome punctuation and the formality of capitalization, Reuben Jackson lullabies his way into treasured-voice status, quiet yet forceful. A jazz scholar and former curator with the Smithsonian’s Duke Ellington... Read More

Book Review

The Cost of Living

by Benjamin Welton

"The Cost of Living" is an occult thriller that emphasizes its wholesome moral compass. D. L. Huntington’s occult-tinged thriller "The Cost of Living" is an excellent contemporary parable about the sickness of America’s wealth... Read More

Book Review

A Human Creation

by Susan Waggoner

"A Human Creation" argues that God originated in the minds of humans. W. R. Frederick’s philosophical exploration "A Human Creation" covers religion, works of science, and psychology to argue that God is the product of human... Read More

Book Review

The Life Giving Plant

by Delia Stanley

"The Life Giving Plant" is an adventure novel in which the ethical implications of humanity’s quest for money and immortality take center stage. In Naresh Devshi Parbat’s adventure novel "The Life Giving Plant", a businessman... Read More

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