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Book Review

Just Dance

by Aimee Jodoin

"Just Dance" is a loving tribute to a “saintly soul” whose generosity and kindness are evident in its pages. Daksha M. Patel’s tearjerker of a memoir, "Just Dance", chronicles her great-nephew Rakesh’s three-year battle with... Read More

Book Review

An Abled Life

by Claire Foster

"An Abled Life" is an excellent, timely memoir about a lifelong illness, its consequences, and growing up with a disability in America’s golden era. The polio vaccine was patented in 1955. Eleven years earlier, Thomas C. Wilczewski was... Read More

Book Review

Fire, Faith & Glory

by Shana Creaney

Fire, Faith & Glory is a heartfelt poetry collection centered in a pediatric intensive care hospital. R. R. Pravin’s poetry collection Fire, Faith & Glory responds with emotional eloquence to a stressful, difficult job working... Read More

Book Review

A Potpourri of Poems

by Andrea Hammer

Poems focus on shared experiences with honest and openly expressed feelings. Gary Ten Eyck’s often musical poetry collection, "A Potpourri of Poems", chimes from the opening note. Family themes dominate, starting with the... Read More

Book Review

Forbidden Secrets

by Erika Harlitz Kern

The novel captures the tumult of teenage life as it skirts around encounters with mysterious creatures. In Jen Ritchie’s supernatural fantasy novel Forbidden Secrets, teenager Twyla Sokolovski confronts her hidden past and discovers... Read More

Book Review

Rhyme Rhythm Reason

by Joseph S. Pete

"Rhyme Rhythm Reason" is a playful poetry collection—amusing and sometimes inspiring. Paul Drakeford’s Rhyme Rhythm Reason: More than Some of the Sum of My Poems puts a clever, witty, and poetic spin on the three Rs. This brief... Read More

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