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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $13.99.

Book Review

Crew of Exiles

by Aleena Ortiz

In the inquisitive science fiction novel "Crew of Exiles", cybernetic outcasts unravel the mysteries of the human experience. Neal Holtschulte’s post-apocalyptic novel "Crew of Exiles" concerns the moral dilemmas and charm of... Read More

Book Review

This Is Eden?

by Karen Rigby

This is Eden? is a careful historical novel that follows a pioneering family woman along her new adventure. A Christian family from Chicago moves to rural Wisconsin in Nancy Radcliffe’s brisk historical novel This is Eden?, a story... Read More

Book Review

January 6th and the Millennial Horde

by Aimee Jodoin

Drawing on recent history, "January 6th and the Millennial Horde" is a satirical novel that emphasizes political hypocrisies. In Andy Lazris’s dystopian novel "January 6th and the Millennial Horde", a congressman takes drastic measures... Read More

Book Review

Raising Dawn

by Michelle Anne Schingler

An atypical mother fights for the daughter whom she loves in the moving legal novel "Raising Dawn". Diana Richmond’s melancholy contemporary novel "Raising Dawn" whorls around the question of what makes, and maintains, a family. Karen,... Read More

Book Review

Legacy of Lies

by Joseph S. Pete

Genetic testing and family secrets upend a blogger’s life in the twisting mystery novel "Legacy of Lies". In Lexa M. Mack’s whodunit novel "Legacy of Lies", a murder mystery pairs with a shrouded family history. In San Francisco,... Read More

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