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Book Review

Pandora's Box

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

A teaching tale based on personal experience, Pandora’s Box is a sprawling novel that works to cover humanity’s major physical and spiritual developments. Alan Davis’s Pandora’s Box is a fantastical bildungsroman that elevates... Read More

Book Review

Saving Nova

by John M. Murray

"Saving Nova" is a character-driven science-fiction adventure. Luis Martinez’s engaging postapocalyptic novel "Saving Nova" kickstarts a new series with fascinating characters. Over a century after a nuclear war all but wiped out... Read More

Book Review

The Storm over Paris

by John M. Murray

"The Storm over Paris" is a taut historical thriller brimming with heart and darkness. William Ian Grubman’s historical novel "The Storm over Paris" is a harrowing tale of art theft, war, and family. In 1942, Mori Rothstein runs a... Read More

Book Review

Nukunu College

by Rebecca Monterusso

In the young adult drama of "Nukunu College", relationships are tested, lines are crossed, and nothing is off-limits. In Z. D. Boxall’s juicy tale of love and war, "Nukunu College", a girl who just wants to avoid drama is followed by... Read More

Book Review

Just Dance

by Aimee Jodoin

"Just Dance" is a loving tribute to a “saintly soul” whose generosity and kindness are evident in its pages. Daksha M. Patel’s tearjerker of a memoir, "Just Dance", chronicles her great-nephew Rakesh’s three-year battle with... Read More

Book Review

An Abled Life

by Claire Foster

"An Abled Life" is an excellent, timely memoir about a lifelong illness, its consequences, and growing up with a disability in America’s golden era. The polio vaccine was patented in 1955. Eleven years earlier, Thomas C. Wilczewski was... Read More

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