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The Great Wall Revisited From the Jade Gate to Old Dragon's Head

Foreword Review

In this handsomely produced volume, Lindesay achieves a five-strike success. He provides a concise account of the when, whys, and wheres of wall building, dispatching the still-enduring myths of a single wall, built at a single time or in a single style to block the northern nomads; he tracks the Wall’s early presentation in Western cartography and narrative; he presents remarkable William Edgar Geil (1865-1925), the pioneer of Wall exploration and reportage; and, by re-photographing seventy-two significant sites, he gives us a very timely history of the destruction of many fine Wall towers and structures—all of which he accomplishes in clean prose and unrivaled photos and reproductions. In addition, Lindesay provides a clear and much-needed illustration of the Wall’s strategically sited western and eastern end-structures.

Peter Skinner