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The Girl Who Saved Ghosts

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Fans of YA supernatural thrillers will find much to like in The Girl Who Saved Ghosts, and will eagerly await the next adventure.

With plenty of twists, turns, and ghostly intrigue, The Girl Who Saved Ghosts, K. C. Tansley’s second book in the Unbelievables series, is an entertaining and thrilling reading experience. A follow-up to her debut, The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, this latest installment follows heroine Kat Preston on a dangerous adventure as she continues to learn more about her abilities to time travel and to interact with ghosts.

After learning about her place as the heir to a family legacy of madness, magic, and destiny, Kat is struggling to concentrate on prep school while also helping out the numerous ghosts from the past who now appear to her, asking for help in settling matters from their often brutally interrupted lives. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that she is no longer safe at school, and that an evil force called The Dark One wants her dead.

With the help of her friend Evan, who is connected to her through his own family legacy, she travels to her aunt’s home of Dumbarton, where she can hone her magical skills and become strong enough to face the darkness that stalks her.

For Kat, facing the future often involves resolving the distant past. She finds herself on a quest to recover a family dagger from the 1800s—a dangerous task, especially since she will have to inhabit the body of a long-dead ancestor who was murdered by the hand of a dear friend.

Packed with action, suspense, and plenty of ghostly chills, The Girl Who Saved Ghosts is an entertaining read that will appeal to young adults and adults who enjoy a fast-paced supernatural tale. Kat’s struggle with her newfound abilities and the impact it has on her friends and family will resonate with those trying to find their own place in the world. Her powers, which grow throughout the book, always come at a price, and Kat’s efforts to adjust to her new life are realistic and deeply felt.

Though Kat’s character is vibrant and deep, the book’s many other characters get a bit lost. With four families involved and numerous members of each playing a part in a secondary story line, it’s easy to forget who is who. Too much time is also spent recapping what happened in the first book, causing the story to drag a bit near the end. It could easily have ended a few scenes earlier.

Fans of YA supernatural thrillers will find much to like in The Girl Who Saved Ghosts, and will eagerly await the next adventure taken on by the plucky heroine with a dark destiny.

Reviewed by Angela McQuay

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