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The Frog Prince

“Princess, dear princess please open the door, for you made a promise you must not ignore!” After retrieving a ball from a well for the princess, the frog calls out to her, for she has ignored the promise she made to him. He persistently, much to the distain of the princess, persuades her to allow him to eat from her plate, enter her room and sleep in her bed. At each poetic request from the frog, the princess becomes increasingly uncomfortable, but her father, the king, admonishes her and orders her to keep her promise to the frog that befriended her. Finally, in desperation, the princess flings the old water-splasher angrily against the wall. In true keeping with fairytales, the spell cast upon him by a wicked witch is broken, and the frog is transformed into a handsome prince.

The author has woven her literary magic in a retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale. The book speaks its own language of love; the gentle, firm guidance of a father, promises kept (difficult as they may be), and the belief that persistence pays off. Wargin is the author of The Legend of Sleeping Bear, Win One for the Gipper, and The Legend of the Loon, which won the International Reading Association Children’s Choice Award.

The internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator lives in England and has exhibited in galleries throughout the world. Billy Joel’s lullaby, Goodnight, My Angel, is among her illustrated works. Her watercolor paintings of vibrant jewel tones, exquisite attention to detail, and the flowing gowns, tendrils, and crowns in this volume transport the reader to days gone by.

Frog Prince will be certain to entertain and delight young and old as they read a story about doing the right thing and learning that when they do, good things will happen. It is a treasure to be collected by princesses and princes everywhere. Those from about three to six years of age will enjoy having Frog Prince read to them, and those from six to twelve will enjoy reading it themselves. Promises are intended to be kept, even by royalty!

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