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The Eyes on Growing Needs

Tips to Succeed in Our Tech-Driven World

Clarion Rating: 3 out of 5

The book’s overall message is encouraging and timely—just like the tale of David and Goliath, which is never out-of-date.

The Eyes on Growing Needs by Love Otuechere uses the compelling biblical tale of David facing and slaying Goliath to drive home a narrative about the importance of living a purposeful life infused with faith and courage. Anyone who has faced a formidable challenge that pits their very being against overwhelming forces can find relevance and sustenance in Otuechere’s commentary about a tech-driven world that so often seems to turn a blind eye to those in need.

Largely unappreciated by his own family, David, explains the author, was nonetheless a giant-killer, a great warrior, an architect, and the recipient of much divine love. His ability to see and respond to the needs of his environment made him exceptional. The author states that this is the model for the type of behavior needed if contemporary society is to successfully navigate a multifaceted world full of information that offers conflicting messages about values and direction.

The book’s core assumption is an abiding belief in God’s divine intervention in the trajectory of every person’s life. The author doesn’t put any parameters around her definition of God, so those who may have widely divergent personal visions of God can still see their preferred image of divinity without feeling threatened. Otuechere’s inspirational prose sets a tone that is encouraging without being preachy. She uses carefully wrought images to evoke her cautionary message: “The whistle and the wind are blowing loudly on virtual and online technology, as a wake-up call for heavy sleepers still living in the comfort of their Stone Age technology.”

The message, however, sometimes gets tangled up in jargon, such as in a passage describing the shepherd David’s relevance to today’s world: “I strongly believe that young David was the next-generation prototype-transfer reform-minded forward thinker destined to jump-start the process of seeing needs from the grassroots.” Perhaps it is the author’s intent to illustrate that the very words contemporary society uses to describe its progress sometimes seem to muddy it instead. In that spirit, those words work. And the words are passionate, too, which makes it perplexing that Otuechere shares no personal anecdotes about how she arrived at her strong beliefs.

The Eyes on Growing Needs effectively uses biblical references as the vehicle for educating and inspiring people in all stages of their lives. The book’s overall message is encouraging and timely—just like the tale of David and Goliath, which is never out-of-date.

Reviewed by Patricia Kutza

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