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Sweet Dreamer

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Sleeping is a magical process, not only because it provides our bodies and minds with time to rest and heal, but because it allows us a chance to DREAM! In our dreams we can be anyone, anywhere at anytime. Dreams, though, are not always easy to understand or interpret. We dream in pictures, and these pictures make up a code. Beginning to understand this code is just part of the author’s intention in this book.

An extensive table of contests tells us all the fascinating aspects of dreaming and sleep in this book. Included are topics such as: What are dreams? How are they helpful? What clues does one look for to decode the dreams? The sections addressing how to interpret specific images in our dreams, such as animals, colors and situations will probably prove most interesting to readers.

This book is packaged with a dream journal for recording one’s own dreams and various materials for constructing a dream catcher with instructions given in the book. Middle school age readers will find much to interest them here and have fun with the dream catcher before moving on to more scientific materials on the topic.

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