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Book Reviews

Strange But True America

Weird Tales from All 50 States

Hafnor and Crawford knew they’d struck a vein (in the mining sense) when they published their first book in 2005, Strange But True, Colorado. Their latest covers all sorts of fact-based weirdness in all 50 states, beginning with Porky Bickar’s volcanic shenanigans in Alaska, to the last time Wyoming saw more than 1,000 people in one place. In between, there’s a bomb over Albuquerque, Vikings in New Hampshire, and the U.S. Post Office delivering four-year-old May Pierstoff to her grandmother for 55 cents. Old-timey (think Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew) illustrations lighten up the text by appearing on at least every other page. A book for older children and adults; highly recommended for both classrooms and office waiting rooms.

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