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Self Marketing Power

Branding Yourself as a Business of One

2008 INDIES Winner
Silver, Career (Adult Nonfiction)

Believe. Project. Magnify. Advance. If the author had filed a pre-flight plan for this book, then the preceding words would best describe the path taken in this quest to elucidate “personal branding.” The author firmly believes that “You are a brand. You are a business of one.” So the reader is driven to develop, maintain, and enhance a certain mindset. Every utterance, every appearance, every movement has to be exquisitely controlled to present a superior image, no matter how informal the circumstances or the sophistication of the audience.

The title may have been alternatively named “self promotion.” Both names, however, are misleading. Although one may not realize it until nearing the end chapters, the book is really about self-actualization, or achieving the pinnacle of professional capability.

Beals is vice president of a commercial real estate group in Omaha, Nebraska; the co-host of a radio talk show; and the instructor of a course in real estate sales and leasing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

He uses the early chapters of the book to justify the title based on the highly competitive nature of today’s workplace. When one considers the extent of this competition, the author’s statement that “passive behavior is out, assertive behavior is expected” is worthy of consideration. Initially, one would think that the target audience would range widely from high school seniors to senior citizens. Later, it becomes evident that the more likely readers would be the young, ambitious, professional crowd.

There are different paths to success. Some are longer than others. By describing his own learning experiences in various professional roles, the author hopes to show others the way that will have fewer detours, and thus take less time to achieve career success.

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